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(On-Demand Webinar) Microsoft Fabric: How to Accelerate AI with Data

Embark on a journey where data fuels AI innovation. This on-demand webinar is centered around harnessing the power of data through Microsoft Fabric to accelerate AI capabilities. Tailored for forward-thinking professionals, this session delves into how Interloop powered by Microsoft Fabric, with its robust data management tools, acts as a catalyst for AI advancements, transforming how businesses approach data analytics and AI integration.

View the recording of the webinar:

What You’ll Learn

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Fabric: Understand the basics of Microsoft Fabric and its role in revolutionizing data management and analytics.
  2. Exploring Microsoft Fabric’s Features: Dive into the core functionalities and components that make Microsoft Fabric a powerful tool in data management.
  3. Microsoft Fabric in Business: Discover how Microsoft Fabric transforms business processes, enhancing efficiency and decision-making with advanced data solutions.
  4. Evolution of Data Management: Learn about the shift from traditional data management to dynamic, integrated solutions offered by Microsoft Fabric.
  5. Microsoft Fabric Live in Action: Experience Microsoft Fabric firsthand through a live demo, illustrating its practical applications in real-world business scenarios.

Check out the slides from the presentation:


Bring Your Data into the Era of AI with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a single platform that simplifies all of your data and analytics workloads. It accelerates how quickly you can extract insights and value from your data. Microsoft Fabric enables you to harness maximum value from today’s generative AI technology and the rapidly-evolving AI innovations of tomorrow. You can use Fabric to fuel AI that transforms customer and employee experiences.

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