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June 9, 2022 Business Technologies

4 Ways Technology Impacts Higher Education Today

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By Haley Rivers

As technology in higher education continues to evolve, many universities are at battle with how to optimize student experiences while utilizing digital resources. Modernizing technology in higher education will maximize overall efficiency for campus operations, students, faculty, and staff alike.

In a recent virtual panel discussion, moderated by Rhea Kelly of Campus Technology, experts from the University of Louisville, Zendesk, and BrainSell shared real-world knowledge on how colleges and universities use campus technology to enrich student, faculty, and parent experiences.

Read on to uncover the key takeaways from the discussion and learn how adopting cloud-based service solutions, like Zendesk, can benefit student experiences and fuel self-service in higher education!

1. Easy Access to Information at Home & On-Campus

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way colleges and universities transitioned to remote work, specifically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this caused significant disruption to many schools, the transition was more manageable for those already using cloud-based technology.

Melissa Shuter, Executive Director of Operations Support Services at the University of Louisville, implemented Zendesk – the cloud-based support and helpdesk platform – in 2017. During the discussion, Shuter explains how her team could get back up and running to normal operations after being sent home due to COVID-19, primarily because Zendesk is accessible from anywhere.

The Operations Support department at the University of Louisville created a COVID response team at the onset of the pandemic to provide an information hub for students and families. Zendesk allowed seamless COVID reporting and was easily accessible for all users.

To read more about how BrainSell helped the University of Louisville implement Zendesk, check out our Case Study!

2. Flexible Channels for Communication

Universities and colleges integrating an omnichannel support platform like Zendesk allows for quick and easy streamlined communication between students and administration. Given the current digital climate, students and staff members can reach campus departments through online platforms such as chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and more. They’re able to receive the same experience digitally without walking across campus.

Ali Lipman, Account Executive here at BrainSell, highlights the importance of an omnichannel strategy, explaining how “having a place for centralized communication and the tools that help administrative staff and students get to those answers quickly and efficiently is all part of keeping up with the growing expectations. It helps in scaling those teams that serve students and faculty on campus.”

3. Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Analyzing data within Zendesk can improve customer experience and promote growth. Tracking customer satisfaction ratings and monitoring comments allows administration members to monitor what is going well and what needs improvement.

During the panel discussion, Molly Curtin, AE for Zendesk, highlights Zendesk’s unique quality of being completely customizable. “This allows teams and organizations to specify which types of data they want to collect, specific to their situation. If there is a change within the university, it can easily shift. You can be as nimble as possible and prove with data how quickly and efficiently you were able to adjust to the changes.”

4. Forecasting Future Trends

When it comes to finding the best future practices suited for optimizing student experiences, universities must monitor current trends. Schools must pivot when they make changes, especially in a world where communication methods are rapidly evolving. During the panel, Molly Curtin shares the changes she currently sees and expects to see in the upcoming years.

“We see a change in the way people are communicating… As we look at college-age people, they’re less likely to pick up the phone and call or walk into the office to chat. We are seeing a huge change and shift in the venues of communication, and I think we will continue to see that.”

Zendesk helps universities scale by staying ahead of the current and future trends to enhance communication efficiency.

Is Your University Looking to Transform its Support Strategy?

The key to transformation is establishing a plan to modernize the technology in your higher education operations. Adopting Zendesk may be what your college or university needs to scale and enhance efficiency. We have seen firsthand how Zendesk has enabled growth for schools and universities by helping organizations scale and centralize communications. Our team of experienced professionals can help your institution grow by implementing newer tools that support your goals.

If this recap caught your eye, be sure to watch the full webinar below! Also, schedule a meeting today with one of our growth enablement experts to discover how implementing a digital enablement system can benefit your organization!

Miss the Show?

No worries! Check out the panel discussion here.


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