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May 26, 2022 Growth Enablement

The Impact of Digital Enablement on the Future of the Workplace

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By Haley Rivers

A common misunderstanding companies face when looking to grow their business is the difference between technology enablement and digital enablement. As advancements in technology rapidly flood the workplace, enabling your team offers companies numerous growth opportunities. So, what’s the difference? 

Technology enablement utilizes a piece of technology to carry out a task, while digital enablement is about choosing the right technology to enhance the overall business growth and customer success.  

As an increasingly aging workforce retires, organizations are put in a dynamic situation to create a space where the new-age employees can thrive. Organizations that do not embrace the digital workplace risk falling behind their competitors.  

Read on to learn more about the importance of enabling your team for growth and how it impacts employees and their work. 

Why is Digital Enablement Important? 

Investing in a digital enablement strategy opens the door for a more extensive successful digital transformation. By digitally transforming how companies run, business leaders can make the most effective decisions to grow their companies.  

Here are four reasons why digital enablement can help pave the way for a bigger digital transformation:   

1. Customer Service

Organizations can build digitally interactive platforms to provide the best value for customers. In a world where customers are accustomed to gaining information with a simple mouse click, implementing a digital enablement system allows companies to connect with their customers quickly and easily.  

2. Empowered Employees

There’s no doubt that today’s employees prefer an inclusive, collaborative, and flexible workplace. Digital enablement strategies allow employees to connect and maintain productivity easily without needing office space. The future of digital enablement gives employees the freedom to work in an environment best suited to their lifestyle without negatively impacting company goals. 

3. Transparent Communication

Digital enablement allows companies to transform their traditional communication style openly and engagingly. Companies can now build more robust communication with their employees and clients by being easy to reach through user-friendly chat and messaging platforms. Open communication allows employees to coordinate with one another throughout the day quickly and easily. If a potential prospect has a question or concern, they can connect with a professional.  

4. Better Talent, Automated Solutions, Greater Productivity  

Integrating an effective digital enablement strategy will give you an edge against competitors within the market. With easy to access information, companies can make strategic marketing and sales decisions based on proven data – not gut instinct.  

What are the Impacts of Digital Enablement in Today’s Workplace?  

The COVID-19 pandemic caused companies all around the globe to shift to remote work. As working from home became the norm, increased businesses decided to implement digital enablement strategies to grow their businesses from home. Although this was a stressful transition for many companies, the results seemingly have paid off.  

 Consider these statistics highlighting how digital enablement has benefited company growth: 

  • On average, 40% of organizations improved operational efficiency with the implementation of a digital model 
  • 35% of organizations can meet changing customer expectations; and  
  • On average, leaders expect 23% higher revenue growth than competitors.         

These numbers show that companies are still seeing enormous growth three years later after transitioning to digital enablement. Companies found that adopting a digital strategy has allowed them to stay productive while prioritizing their employees’ and customers’ needs while maintaining a work/life balance.  

The Future of The Office and Workplace Technology 

As we look to the future of office and workplace technology, it’s essential to realize that technology should not dictate how companies function. While technology in the workplace is crucial to how a company operates, the value of a company revolves around people and strategy. 

To keep up with companies’ new technological changes, offices will need to adapt. The most important way to do this is through flexibility. As technology advances and modernizes, companies must remain flexible to grow and evolve. Digital adoption and enablement will be an ongoing process, so it’s essential to be flexible and willing to change as the environment, technology, and expectations change. 

What’s Your Digital Enablement Plan to Adapt the Future of Your Workplace?  

The future of technology in the workplace will continue to advance, and a company’s digital transformation is crucial for staying competitive within the marketplace. So, where do we go from here? 

An important thing to remember about this is that it’s not about the technology itself but rather the value gained from adopting new technologies and systems – something that we at BrainSell do best. 

We are here to help! We know what it takes to help you succeed! Reach out to our team of growth enablement experts to help your company reach its maximum potential.

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Haley Rivers

Haley recently joined BrainSell in 2022 as this Summer's Marketing Intern. She will be entering her senior year this fall at UNH where she is studying marketing. During her free time, Haley loves to get outside with her dog Murphy and spend time with friends and family!

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