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October 30, 2023 Business Services

Four Scary Reasons Your CRM Implementation is Dead On Arrival

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By Connor O'Keefe

Halloween: the spookiest day of the year. A holiday synonymous with horror movies, candy corn, and scares. Lots and lots of scares. But no matter how big of a Halloween afficionado you may be, nothing is scarier than a CRM implementation gone sour. Implementation projects are costly, both in time and in monetary value, and an overwhelming majority of them fail. Failures range between 18% and 69% meaning up to as many as 1/3 of the projects attempted fail costing companies valuable time, resources, and money. That’s a fact more terrifying than any ghost, gremlin, or ghoul. Usually in the movies, beating the monster is as simple as a ray of sunlight, a wooden stake, or a silver bullet. No such easy fixes are an option when CRM implementation projects go wrong. A technology rollout that turns south is messier than the most gratuitous slasher flick.

When it comes to CRM implementation, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Identifying pain points before they happen is the fastest way to save your newly purchased software from ending up in the graveyard.

Stakeholder Confusion

Whether you’re trying to figure out what to do for Halloweekend or if you’re settling on a spooky movie to watch, it’s important everyone is on the same page. Otherwise, nothing gets done and nobody wins. Same deal with your key stakeholders in your CRM implementation. In order for an implementation to be successful, it’s important that everyone have the same goals and operate on the same timetable. This means that your executive team needs to be in agreement on why you’re implementing CRM software and what they hope to achieve with it. Without this alignment, it will be difficult to get buy-in from other employees and can create more hurdles for your teams to jump through instead of letting the solution help them grow the business.

Your CRM Implementation Project is Overly Complicated

Do you know why chocolate is consistently rated as one of the most beloved Halloween treats?

It’s simple. It’s basic. You always understand what you’re getting into when you open the wrapper.

Your CRM implementation should be the same way. One of the most common pitfalls in software projects is businesses overengineering the software. They often strive for unnecessary complexity, which only leads to implementation and usability challenges. This mistake is particularly prevalent in niche industries with specific requirements. It’s crucial to remember that most types of software is inherently flexible and customizable to cater to diverse needs. Trying to force your business into a “one size fits all” solution will hinder success. Work with a team of experts who understand how to configure the software correctly for your industry without overcomplicating it.

Your Employees Lack Expertise

Your employees don’t need a witch’s spellbook to give them magic knowledge, but they should know something about your new solution. Your employees are the ones who will be using the CRM software on a daily basis, so it’s important that they have a good understanding of how it works and how it can benefit them in their roles. If they don’t, your technology investment will sit unappreciated and unused like the toothbrush your dentist neighbor gives out to trick or treaters.

Companies like BrainSell can help companies train their employees on their software so that they’re set up for success. In addition, it’s important to have someone on-staff who is dedicated to managing the program and ensuring that it’s being used properly.

Poor Integrations

Integration points are critical to the success of any solution. If integrations don’t work properly, it can lead to data integrity and accuracy issues, which can cause reporting delays and other problems that could hurt your customer satisfaction scores or bottom line. BrainSell offers integration services that ensure systems are working together correctly, allowing you to get the most out of your software. This can easily be circumvented by selecting a solution that integrates well with your existing tech stack.

A successful implementation starts with a plan and careful consideration. Connect with BrainSell and we’d be happy to discuss your growth goals and technology needs! If you liked this blog, be sure to subscribe to get alerts for future content!

Implementation projects got you scared?? Try a blueprint

There’s no need to fear when you have a plan in place. Call the BrainSell team and our implementation experts will get you set up and running with a blueprint for success!

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Connor O'Keefe

Connor O'Keefe joined BrainSell as the content marketing manager in 2023 but has enjoyed writing since he was old enough to spell his name. Connor's passion for creating content is rivaled only on his love for camping trips and trivia nights.

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