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May 7, 2024 Business Technologies

How Long Does it Take to Implement Sage 100?

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By Connor O'Keefe

After purchasing a new Sage 100 instance, the first question on your mind is going to be inevitable: How long will this Sage 100 implementation take? The short answer is it depends on a lot of different factors. Your Sage instance implementation time is going to vary depending on your business factors. The long answer? You can read it below.

How Long Does a Sage 100 Implementation Take?

Every implementation journey is inherently unique, mirroring the distinctive organization’s circumstances. The path to a successful Sage 100 implementation is shaped by various factors, leading to a timeline that defies a one-size-fits-all approach. While some organizations achieve this in a mere 30 hours, others navigate a more intricate route that unfolds over an extended period. Your specific timetable is intricately woven with the threads of technology, existing systems, personnel, and processes, each contributing to the nuanced rhythm of your implementation journey.

How Big is Your Business? 

The pace of your implementation can vary depending on your organization’s size. Larger companies, with their broad workforce and multiple departments, may face a more extended implementation process due to the need for meticulous planning, coordination, and training across multiple channels. In contrast, smaller organizations, with their more streamlined staff, could potentially implement changes more swiftly. But size isn’t a be all end all; some larger teams get with the program a lot faster, and some smaller teams take a little longer to get the wheels rolling.

What Sets Your Business Apart? 

One of the best things about Sage 100 is how well it meshes with your business regardless of size/scale. Consider the level of customization needed to meet your business requirements. While Sage 100 offers a variety of features, each organization has distinct needs. Complex marketing processes or specific integration requirements might extend the implementation timeline due to increased development and testing demands.

Furthermore, the existing technology infrastructure in your organization can impact the speed of your implementation. Outdated or incompatible systems could prolong the integration process and transition to the new solution. Prior to commencing implementation, evaluate your current technology landscape and address any potential obstacles proactively.

How Can We Speed Up Our Sage 100 Implementation? 

Is there an easy way to speed up your implementation? Absolutely. There are several, and one of them starts before you even begin the implementation process itself.

Solution Blueprinting 

Before your implementation project even gets off the ground, it’s incredibly prudent to take a breath and meticulously plan things out. Measure twice, cut once.

A solution blueprint is a process through which experts assess your technology, your people, your processes, and your objectives. Then, after thoughtful planning, they work with you to architect a plan of action that meets all the criteria. The blueprint is a living document used throughout implementation to ensure everything stays on track and your goals are met.

Your team may lack experience in new technology rollouts, making them prone to common pitfalls like user adoption challenges and integration mishaps. To avoid these issues, utilize a solution blueprint crafted by experts to tailor an approach to your organization’s unique requirements. This plan covers technology needs, vendor options, employee training, change management, and business process redesign, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for successful implementation.

Call in the Pros

Most people have no clue what makes a successful implementation project. Companies generally don’t change up their software all too often, and as a result, most people only see 2-3 implementations over the course of their entire careers. That considered, it’s not too hard to see why most people don’t have a perspective on what needs to happen to make sure your project goes smoothly.

At BrainSell, we’re all about assisting companies like yours with their implementations. Our team of experts handles implementation projects full-time and have a ton of successful software rollouts under their belts. They’ve got the experience to know the ins and outs, not just of Sage 100, but also the best practices for rolling it out smoothly and steering clear of common pitfalls in the process.

Working with consultants can shave weeks from your implementation project; time spent walking back missteps and patching up avoidable problems adds up over time, and consultancy helps you avoid those problems to begin with.

Have More Questions About Sage 100?

There’s still so much more to cover about Sage 100, one blog just isn’t enough space.  Feel free to read some of our additional Sage related content for more answers to all the questions you never knew you had. Or, if you want to see how Sage 100 stacks up against an industry player, check out our comparison guides that puts some of the juggernauts of the industry head-to-head.

Prefer to jump right into things instead? Give us a ring and chat with one of our Sage 100 experts today They’re all excellent recourses on all things Sage and finance management tools in general. They can help you get started on finding the perfect fintech product to help your business grow.

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