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March 20, 2024 Business Technologies

Salesforce FAQ: What Didn’t You Know?

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By Connor O'Keefe

When it comes to software, there might be no better-known brand than Salesforce. They’re major players in the industry and it doesn’t take one of BrainSell’s experts to tell you why. The scale and quality they operate at can only be rivaled by a few competitors, and their offerings are just as diverse as they are powerful. They’ve consistently expanded their products and services to cover a wide range of business needs, from sales and marketing to customer service and analytics. Their software is highly customizable, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes and industries.

But with that level of notoriety comes a lot of questions from the public. Salesforce and related queries represent more than 5,000,000 monthly searches on Google alone. We’ve dug deep and found some of the most commonly searched questions related to Salesforce so we can clear the air right here and now. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Used For?

Salesforce represents a wide range of software products designed around streamlining and optimizing your business processes.  It is perhaps most widely known as a customer relationship management (CRM), but also has various tools for sales, marketing, analytics, and customer service, among other things. Essentially, Salesforce helps businesses manage and improve their interactions with customers in any way a software can.

  • Sales Automation: Salesforce provides tools for managing leads, opportunities, and contacts, allowing sales teams to track their interactions with customers and prospects, manage pipelines, and forecast sales more effectively.
  • Marketing Automation: Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud enables businesses to create and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, and advertising. It helps in targeting the right audience, personalizing messages, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Customer Service: Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses provide better customer service by enabling them to manage customer inquiries, cases, and service requests across various channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media.
  • Analytics: Salesforce offers robust analytics tools that allow businesses to gain insights into their sales, marketing, and customer service performance. Users can create custom reports and dashboards to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.
  • App Development: Salesforce’s App Cloud provides tools for building custom applications that extend the functionality of the Salesforce platform. This allows businesses to tailor Salesforce to their specific needs and integrate it with other systems.
  • Collaboration: Salesforce offers collaboration tools, such as Chatter, that allow team members to collaborate, share files, and communicate in real-time within the platform.

How Much Does Salesforce Cost?

Depending on what services/software you’re buying into, Salesforce can have a few different starting prices. Sales Coud users can expect as low as $25 per user/per month for the simplest, most basic CRM package Salesforce has on offer. for $80 or $165 users can access the Professional or Enterprise editions of Sales Cloud, respectively. These bundles feature more robust features including Forecast Management, Customizable Reports, Workflow/Approvals Automation, and Territory Management/Planning. Higher priced packages exist to be sure, but the first three packages are usually more than enough to cover most companies’ needs.

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage and optimize their marketing efforts. It includes tools for Email Marketing, Streamlined Lead Management, Smarter Lead Generation, Seamless Marketing/Sales Alignment, ROI Reporting, and Salesforces’ Einstein AI. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, companies can create personalized and targeted campaigns to engage with their customers across multiple channels.

Boasting a comprehensive suite of features for marketers to optimize their email marketing campaigns. With outbound email marketing, users can efficiently send targeted messages to their audience. The CRM lead integration feature enables seamless synchronization of customer data, ensuring personalized and relevant communication. Output document generation allows for the creation of dynamic, data-driven content for emails. Moreover, the platform excels in building personalized emails, enhancing customer engagement. A/B testing capabilities further empower marketers to refine their strategies, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

What Does a Salesforce Admin Do?

A Salesforce Administrator is instrumental in resolving business challenges through tailor-made solutions on the Salesforce Platform. They adeptly construct, configure, and automate tech solutions to drive tangible business benefits. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, they define system needs and tailor the platform accordingly. Crucially, they empower users to maximize the potential of Salesforce technology.

A Salesforce Admin is adept at optimizing the platform to align with their company’s objectives. While some organizations have a single admin, others may have multiple individuals fulfilling this role.

Key duties involve aiding users, overseeing data, upholding security protocols, and furnishing actionable insights. A Salesforce Administrator serves as a dependable resource for colleagues by ensuring platform maintenance, simplifying Salesforce use for all technical proficiencies, and staying abreast of the platform’s latest tools, features, and enhancements.

What is Salesforce’s AI and What Does It Do?

Salesforce AI Einstein offers reliable and adaptable AI. Leverage AI within your customer data to craft tailored, proactive, and innovative AI solutions that cater to your diverse business requirements securely. The user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates conversational AI into every aspect of your workflow, catering to users across various departments and industries.

Boost productivity and tailor experiences using predictive and generative AI throughout the Customer 360 platform with Salesforce Einstein. Develop and implement supportive AI interactions seamlessly within Salesforce, enabling direct interactions between your customers and employees with Einstein for quicker issue resolution and enhanced efficiency. Equip salespersons, agents, marketers, and other professionals with AI capabilities securely embedded in your customer data to elevate every customer interaction.

  • Sales AI: Request Einstein to craft emails enriched with customer data, produce succinct summaries of sales calls, and leverage actionable insights for informed conversations. Utilize real-time predictions to steer sellers in closing deals, automating the sales process, and fostering stronger relationships.
  • Marketing AI: Enhance personalization and productivity on a large scale by leveraging predictive and generative AI seamlessly integrated into your marketing platform. Utilize insights to enhance engagement, craft deeply personalized customer journeys, and automate tailored outreach.
  • Commerce AI: Enhance every customer and seller interaction with top-tier and adaptable ecommerce AI solutions. Automate product descriptions, offer personalized product suggestions, and deliver smooth purchasing journeys.
  • Customer Service AI: Enhance customer service by providing personalized experiences and boosting agent productivity. Utilize Einstein to surface pertinent information during support interactions, facilitating quicker issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

Have More Questions About Salesforce?

There’s still so much more to cover about Salesforce, one blog just isn’t enough space.  Feel free to read some of our additional Salesforce related content for more answers to all the questions you never knew you had. Or, if you want to see how Salesforce stacks up against an industry player like HubSpot, check out our comparison guide that puts the two head-to-head.

Prefer to jump right into things instead? Give us a ring and chat with one of our Salesforce experts today They’re all excellent recourses on Salesforce and finance management tools in general. They can help you get started on finding the perfect fintech product to help your business grow.

Salesforce or HubSpot? You Decide!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and HubSpot Marketing Hub are two similar products, for sure. But it’s their differences that set them apart and decide whether or not they’ll be a boom or a bust for your business.

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