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November 3, 2022 Business Technologies

What Can Salesforce CRM Do For My Business?

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By Brian Anderson

For most companies, accumulating data about their customers, needs, and buying behavior is relatively simple. There are plenty of solid data-gathering tools, but the hard part comes when companies try to understand, analyze, and interpret the data in ways that will increase sales and profitability. 

That’s where Salesforce CRM enters the picture. Specifically, it clarifies the picture of the data presented by the data. It brings it into focus, and it’s nearly impossible to underestimate the improvements this CRM tool can provide. 


Salesforce CRM and the Bottom Line

To get a handle on those improvements, the best place to start is with the direct benefits and tangible results companies typically see in their sales data when they use a tool like this when it comes to sales-related data. 

Studies have shown that tools like Salesforce CRM can improve sales, sales productivity, and lead conversion by as much as 30 percent. 

But these products do much more than convert leads and generate sales. They’ve also been shown to increase customer satisfaction and speed up the sales process by helping customers make buying decisions at a rate up to 38 percent faster. 

That also translates to increased revenue. Specifically, Salesforce CRM has been shown to increase revenue by up to 25 percent, so it’s well worth the initial investment and the time required to install it and get it set up correctly. 


Leading You to the Right Clients

A good CRM system like Salesforce CRM helps companies identify and add new leads quickly and easily and provides specific tools to categorize them accurately. 

That means your sales force can focus on the right leads with the highest chance of converting. But that’s not all. Salesforce CRM can identify leads that need more attention as they progress through the sales funnel, which means your salespeople can focus on those leads after they’ve made their initial sales. 


Enhancing the CRM Referral Process

But the process of qualifying and categorizing leads provides benefits that extend far beyond direct sales and improve the performance of leads as they go through the sales funnel.  

As data accumulates and the analysis process becomes fully automated, Salesforce CRM gives you a better understanding of your customer base and priorities. 

When this happens, you’ll see numerous opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, which means you can get even more new business from your existing customers. That translates to more repeat customers, and repeat customers tend to spend more. 

This has been proven in study after study. The data indicates that repeat customers spend up to 33 percent more, so it’s well worth taking the time to find these opportunities and take advantage of them.


The Customer Service CRM Benefits

Another Salesforce CRM improvement is customer service. In today’s sales environment, both would-be and existing customers are looking for fast, personalized support, and they want it available on a 24/7 basis.

With Salesforce CRM, this process will improve, possibly even exponentially. Customer service agents can instantly see what customers have ordered, which means they can recommend related products as they handle whatever service issues are on the table. 

It also means they can access customer records and answer questions quickly and more efficiently, increasing the odds of a sale and the chance that those answers will produce repeat customers. 


Better Business Products and Services 

Now that we’ve described some of the specific benefits of Salesforce CRM, it’s time to step back and think about the sales process and its benefits.  

Start with the fact that you’ll get a large amount of increasingly accurate information about your customer base. That information will come from their behavior as it relates to your products and what they do when they’re shopping for related products from your competitors.   

As this data adds up and you analyze it, you’ll get insights into how your customers feel about your sales funnel and how it works, and you’ll also know what they’re saying about you and your organization. 

That’s information you can use in numerous ways. It will help you improve your products, spot any issues and problems you may have, and pinpoint areas of your sales funnel that could be improved. And once you make those improvements, they’ll be targeted so precisely that you’ll see results quickly in ways you can accurately measure. 

This entire improvement process is circular, too. That means the information gets better and more accurate with each sale and trip through the sales cycle. Moreover, all of this will increase the trust in your brand and your products, which will add to your reputation.  


The Cloud CRM Benefits

Make no mistake, cloud-based CRM systems like Salesforce CRM have revolutionized the sales process. 

They’ve eliminated the need to install software on dozens or hundreds of computers or mobile devices, allowing large companies to move data, software, and services into a secure online environment. 

In addition, your sales team can access this data from anywhere, and everyone in your company will be working from the same information. Salespeople will have it before a presentation, right after a meeting, or when they’re about to close an important deal.

That same data will be available to customer service representatives, too. That means they’ll be able to shorten their response time, leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

Finally, cloud-based CRM systems like Salesforce CRM are extremely cost-effective. They’re priced according to the number of potential users and the specific features you need, with no installation or hardware costs. 

There’s also no need to update schedules or deal with the headaches of figuring out which department uses which software. 


You Can Have It All With Salesforce CRM

You need to take the next step to better understand how to implement Salesforce CRM and get all these benefits. Connect with us, and let us show you how you can successfully integrate Salesforce CRM into your sales process.


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