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November 4, 2022 Growth Enablement

Which Certification is Best for Salesforce?

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By Brian Anderson

If you’ve chosen to go with Salesforce or are considering using it as your CRM system, you’re probably already aware that there’s a significant time investment involved in learning the ins and outs of the system.  

To get the most out of your investment, you need access to the necessary expertise to get the most out of your system. That means using experts with Salesforce certifications or having one or more of your employees get specialized training. 

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the specific certifications available for Salesforce, along with a breakdown of what those certifications allow you to do and the benefits they can provide. 


Why Learn or Add a Salesforce Certification?

Before we get into the specific certifications, let’s answer a basic question—why learn all the details of how Salesforce works in the first place? Is this kind of expertise really necessary? 

The answer is a resounding yes. According to numerous surveys, Salesforce has over 150,000 company customer bases, which come from companies of all sizes—large, medium, and small-scale businesses. Besides multiple product options and competitors in the market, Salesforce is the reining leader of the CRM market. 

That means Salesforce is the equivalent of a common language in the CRM world. Salesforce is used by businesses and companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and General Electric, so being able to speak the Salesforce language or use experts with Salesforce certification is an excellent move with a huge potential payoff. 


Best Salesforce Certification and the Positional Roles

Now let’s talk about the specifics of Salesforce certification and what kinds of expertise the different certifications provide. We’ll start at the top with the most important certification—the Salesforce Architect. 

Why is this one the most significant? Because Salesforce Architects are the experts who often design and build solutions across the company’s platforms, they can also help with any integration issues. 

Use a Salesforce expert with this training level or designate an employee to earn this certification. You’ll have the in-house expertise to integrate data flow and scale and structure Salesforce to meet your exact needs. 

That expertise will also allow you to analyze data and make the best possible decisions based on the information it provides. 

There’s a need for this kind of expertise within any organization, small or large, so if you have the resources and the need, don’t hesitate to at least consider it. The payoff on the back end will be more than worth it.


Salesforce Developer

Need an expert to provide customized solutions for your business? A Sales Developer can provide these solutions. The certification training allows the developer to test and deploy solutions, control the application programming interfaces and adapt them to your specific needs, and help implement any other kind of customized solution you may need. 


Salesforce Data Analyst

Anyone involved in running or using a CRM knows the importance of doing data analysis. Using a data analyst or getting certified as a Salesforce Data Analyst helps take your data analysis capabilities to the next level. 

Salesforce Data Analysts can assess the efficiency and functioning capabilities of your Salesforce CRM, and they can provide crucial input and ideas to improve the overall operation of your sales funnel


Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce comes with a fairly serious learning curve, which makes your admin people key players in using the CRM effectively. 

Getting certified as an administrator or using an expert with this level of certification helps increase the effectiveness of your reporting, and it can provide extensive data-driven insights. It can also help improve communication in every aspect of your Salesforce implementation. Creative administrators can add new apps and solutions, making this expertise even more valuable to your company.


Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer

While any Salesforce implementation is simplified to some extent because it’s a cloud-based solution, it’s helpful to add expertise in different cloud functions to your Salesforce team. 

Optimizing these cloud functions can improve the efficiency of your sales funnel, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need expertise in the various cloud functions. These cloud experts know how to do this, and they’re experts at providing customized solutions for that part of your business. 


Salesforce Certification Background and Details

Now that you know some of the different positions that can come with a Salesforce certification, let’s take a closer look at how the certification process works. 

There are two different certification tracks, administrative and development. It’s important to note that Salesforce administrators are active problem solvers—they don’t just oversee your CRM system and perform monitoring functions, although that is a part of their expertise. Some even have design capabilities, which can be essential as your CRM needs continue to grow. 

Similarly, cloud experts have design capabilities as well. They often start as developers and learn to build apps, leading to certification as a Salesforce Architect. 

The demand for this kind of expertise is only expected to grow. That means you need to plan where you’re going to get it and how you will use it as you grow your business and your CRM needs continue to expand. 


Get the Best Salesforce Certification Expertise You Need For Your CRM

If you need the kind of expertise that comes with Salesforce certification, the good news is that we already have it. 

That means you don’t have to spend the money and take the time necessary for extensive training—you can rely on Brainsell experts who already have Salesforce certification to provide it. 

So how does this work? Simple—call us for a consultation. We’ll ask questions and help walk you through your Salesforce goals and needs, then tell you what kind of Salesforce certification expertise can help you solve your problems. 

After that, you benefit from our qualified experts from all levels of Salesforce certification. It’s the fastest and best way to get the most out of Salesforce, and you’ll definitely see it in your Salesforce performance numbers. 

To get started, connect with us. You’ll also get access to a full range of services beyond Salesforce and learn more about those opportunities.

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