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Conversica Overview screen.


Additional Technologies

Personalized Human Touch at Scale.

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AI Assistants That Help You Find More Revenue Opportunities

Conversica’s AI assistants help your team find more revenue opportunities and increase workforce capacity in a world where customers expect a response within minutes, not hours. Supercharge to work best for you at less cost!

Benefits for Your Business

What are the main features of Conversica?

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  • AI assistants for email and SMS engagement.
  • Lead management, routing, and rep performance tracking.
  • Code-free development.
Here's a quick demo of Conversica in action!
Conversica overview screen.
Conversica reporting screen.
Conversica lead management screen.

Reviews & Ratings

A Crowd Favorite

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“Our AI assistant never sleeps and never takes a break and I only need to feed them names. On top of it, all their support staff and our CSM has been so wonderful to work with.”


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“This product ensures that every lead is followed up on in a timely fashion and more important than the speed, it is followed up on every time. On top of that, we get better contact information, and we take the lead from an MQL to an SQL without ever having to have a live person speak with them. We can now serve up the best of the best leads to the sales team.”

G2 Crowd

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Conversica Stats


Foster City, CA

Founded In:


Mobile App:


Free Trial:


User Minimum:


Subscription Types:


Deployment Options:

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

Ideal For:

Startups to Enterprises

Popular Industries Served:

Technology, Telecommunications, Insurance, Automotive, and Hospitality.

Favorite Features:

Chatbots, lead qualification and routing, performance management.

How much does Conversica cost?

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Conversica is so customizable and unique to your business type and model that there is no way to offer a standardized price range. It will depend on your company’s needs. A Conversica subscription includes an unlimited number of seats for marketers, sales reps, and managers. Different editions include different levels of functionality to match your needs. The service is a monthly subscription with an annual commitment.

There are other considerations, and the BEST way to ensure you get the most accurate pricing is to contact us.

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