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June 28, 2022 Business Technologies

How to Create Engaging Chatbot Conversations for Growth-Focused Businesses

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By Brian Anderson

As chatbot technology continues to evolve and become more mainstream, businesses are already reaping the benefits and witnessing the potential for chatbots as a powerful customer engagement tool.

To make the most of conversational AI, businesses must focus on creating chatbot conversations that are engaging and relevant to their customers.

In this blog post, we will share some tips and best practices for growth-focused businesses looking to create more engaging chatbots that help prospects and customers have the best experience possible with your brand. More importantly, this post can help your team have relevant conversations with prospects and customers to boost marketing strategies and offer excellent customer service.

The Benefits of Chatbots for Marketing Strategy & Customer Service Teams

When used correctly, chatbots can be a powerful tool for many businesses in several ways. Notably, companies using chatbots as part of their business strategy gain access to an AI employee that can work 24/7! Data from Drift shows that 64% of website visitors say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots. There are many AI chatbot platforms on the market, but it ultimately comes down to what your teams need to offer engaging customer experiences.

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For marketing strategies, chatbots can help generate leads and drive sales by promptly engaging with website visitors at critical moments in the customer journey. Research shows that chatbots can help increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Chatbots can help speed up the process for the sales team by quickly qualifying leads and providing answers to common questions. It can ensure sales reps spend their time on leads more likely to buy versus spending too much time with leads less likely to close.

Chatbots are an excellent way for businesses to cut down on their costs. With just one click, chatbot technology can provide quick and efficient resolutions that would take many minutes if handled by human beings! These tools can provide fast and efficient customer support and automate repetitive tasks, freeing time for human agents to handle more complex questions.

Chatbots can also help businesses save money by reducing the need for human customer service agents. That same research shows that chatbots can help cut operational costs by up to 30%.

How to Create Chatbot Conversations That Engage Website Visitors

Chatbots are a powerful customer communication tool right out of the box. However, businesses must focus on a few key things to create chatbot conversations that engage website visitors.

Chatbot conversations can be tough to produce. Human conversation isn’t as intuitive; the AI must learn to help people interact with it appropriately.

BrainSell has helped many growth-focused companies offer the types of experiences customers expect by analyzing the organization’s customer journey and providing guidance on how these chatbot platforms can streamline customer engagement.

When creating engaging content for your chatbot to use during the proper customer interactions, we recommend keeping the content:

  • Relevant: The chatbot conversation should be relevant to the customer’s needs.
  • Brief: The chatbot conversation should be brief and to the point.
  • Empathetic: The chatbot conversation should be sympathetic to the customer’s feelings. Chatbots are not human; they need guidance to ensure they don’t exacerbate the situation.
  • Encouraging: The chatbot conversation should encourage customers to take action, whether to book meetings or to look at relevant content that can answer questions they may have. It keeps prospects moving down the sales funnel on their terms.
  • Helpful: Design chatbot conversations to help the customer accomplish their desired outcome. Ultimately, it’s all about the customer, do NOT try to force them down a customer journey they may not want to travel.
  • Natural: The chatbot conversation should be easy to follow and feel like a conversation with a human agent. Yes, most website visitors may understand that it is an AI bot, but no one wants to chat with a chatbot that sounds like a robot.

Tips for Businesses Looking to Use Chatbots as a Customer Engagement Tool

Here are a few things businesses should consider when using chatbots as a customer engagement tool:

  • Set and align chatbot objectives and KPIs with your business goals. Setting clear expectations ensures that you make the most of your investment.
  • Make sure to align your conversational AI with your customer journey to understand how chatbots can help simplify customer interactions. Removing friction in the sales funnel leads to faster-qualified leads and an accelerated pipeline, giving sales teams more opportunities to close deals!

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  • Focus on high-intent interactions and write engaging chatbot conversation copy that is relevant, brief, empathetic, encouraging, and helpful. Focusing on high-intent interactions like pricing inquiries and demo requests ensures that no leads slip through the cracks.
  • Test, measure, and optimize chatbot conversations on an ongoing basis. A chatbot persona is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of customer communication strategy. It must grow and evolve with the target audience.

Following these tips, businesses can create chatbot conversations that engage website visitors, help them reach their desired outcomes, and form lasting relationships.

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Chatbots are a powerful customer communication tool businesses can use to streamline customer engagements. However, to be effective, chatbots must be designed with the customer in mind.

At BrainSell, we specialize in helping businesses understand how conversational marketing, sales, and service strategies can better engage website visitors and help them reach their desired outcomes.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!

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