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September 27, 2022 Business Technologies

Is Sugar Sell Right for Me?

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By Haley Rivers

If you’re in the market for a new CRM system, you’ve probably been researching various CRM systems and maybe even come across Sugar Sell.

SugarCRM’s Sugar Sell is a popular alternative to notable CRMs on the market, such as Salesforce and HubSpot. It offers a wide range of features at an affordable price point.

But is SugarCRM the right choice for your business?

While most software providers want to talk about how they are an excellent fit for your company, we want to ensure you’re fully educated before you decide.

Here is a short list of reasons why SugarCRM may — or may not — be a good fit for your company.

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4 Reasons Why Sugar Sell May Be a Fit

Sugar Sell may be a great choice for your sales team if:

1. You Need a Scalable CRM

When working with clients on vendor selection and analysis for a CRM system, we encourage them to focus specifically on what they need to reach their desired goals both today and in the future. What does your business look like three years from now? Five? Ten and beyond?

If you expect your sales process to evolve and grow as the company grows, you must ensure your CRM system can scale with those expectations. That is why Sugar Sell is a great fit for growth-focused companies that expect their tech stack to evolve as the company scales.

2. You Have Unique Business Processes

Depending on the complexity of your internal sales process, your ideal customer buying journey, and the capabilities of your team, you must ensure that your CRM can accommodate all your needs.

Lighter, “off-the-shelf” CRMs have lower price points with pre-built templates. However, they could impair a company’s productivity and efficiency due to limited customization capabilities that don’t align with established processes.

Sugar Sell is one of the few CRMs on the market that can be tailored specifically to your company’s needs and processes rather than changing how you do business to accommodate your tech stack.

3. You Want Access to Advanced Analytics

Before implementing a CRM system, it’s vital to take a step back and ask yourself a simple question: “what data does my company need to drive results?”

CRM systems are a natural repository for customer data, but the level of granularity and accessibility varies significantly across the CRM market.

Sugar Sell is the only platform with a cutting-edge, streamlined database that can record every record change in the customer’s journey. Sugar Sell offers KPI reporting and forecasting capabilities that other CRMs solutions don’t. Specifically, tools like Sugar Discover help you track buyer trends to find that blue ocean, answer your most important sales questions in near-real-time, and hit your growth goals. Furthermore, it empowers non-technical users with a data exploration tool with:

  • Drag-and-drop query creation;
  • Robust filtering;
  • Simple formatting; and
  • Sharing and collaboration features.

Investing in a system that can track the data needed and provide insights to set you up for success and growth is critical.

4. You’re Looking for an On-Premises Solution

SugarCRM is one of the few CRM providers with on-premises capabilities, making it a great option for companies looking to keep their data in-house.

For companies in the health care industry looking for a HIPAA-compliant system, Sugar Sell by SugarCRM is an affordable option compared to moving other CRMs (such as Salesforce) to a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.

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3 Reasons Why Sugar Sell May Not Be a Fit

Many features and functionalities make Sugar Sell by SugarCRM an excellent option for prospective CRM buyers. However, some noticeable nuances must be considered before making a purchase decision.

Here are three reasons why Sugar Sell may not be a fit for your company:

  1. You’re a small business with a straightforward CRM use case. There are other CRM options on the market tailored specifically for that use case, while Sugar Sell is designed to be flexible to unique company needs. That doesn’t make Sugar Sell a bad choice for SMBs, but it could be more than you need.
  2. Integration Limitations. Sugar Sell has limited native integrations into commonly used business tools like Outreach, Drift, SalesLoft, and more. Point-to-point integrations have been developed by third-party vendors—including ourselves—but require ongoing management to ensure they are updated and don’t cause friction with the rest of your tech stack.
  3. You’re a B2C eCommerce company. Sugar Sell can be configured for a B2C company, but it was intended and designed as a B2B sales platform. B2C and eCommerce companies must do a lot of leg work in integration and manual configuration to position Sugar Sell to work well for them.

Contact Us to Find the Best CRM For You!

Whether SugarCRM’s Sugar Sell is or isn’t the right fit for your business, we can help mitigate the risk of a wrong decision.

Our growth enablement experts can help you find the right CRM to add to your tech stack.

Contact us today; we’re happy to answer your questions and start your growth journey!

Sugar Sell or Salesforce: Which is Right for You?

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