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October 19, 2021 Business Technologies

3 Big Ways Marketing Automation Empowers Sales Teams

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By Brian Anderson

Marketing automation is a sales team’s best friend. It allows sales teams to prioritize their leads, align with marketing teams, and gain visibility into customer behaviors and interests. But many SMBs may be hesitant to invest in such technology because they don’t see its impact on company growth goals.

However, the truth is that marketing automation can help fuel growth and scale in both marketing AND sales departments! Using marketing automation software brings sales and marketing teams together with a common goal, which allows them to work better together to help customers and produce more revenue.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight three ways marketing automation empowers sales teams:

1) Gain Visibility into Customer Behaviors and Interests

Your sales team needs to understand their buyers’ behaviors, interests, and intent to prioritize their daily efforts. With marketing automation technology, the sales team gains a 360-degree view of their prospect’s entire history with the company.

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For example, you can see what types of content prospects engage with most often, which helps you have more relevant and contextual conversations during follow-up calls. Insight from marketing automation helps streamline the customer journey and accelerate deals.

2) Prioritize Your Leads

Marketing automation provides sales teams with the information needed to prioritize their leads. You can quickly see which prospects are raising their hands and act accordingly, ensuring you’re engaging with qualified prospects when they are most likely ready to buy or engage. Marketing automation allows sales team members to focus on only the high-priority opportunities that matter most.

You’ll be able to identify leads that are already engaged with customer journey mapping tools found in most marketing automation systems. These features ensure that sales reps aren’t wasting time reaching out to a prospect already moving down your sales pipeline with another agent.  This gives sales teams more visibility into where each deal is within the customer journey.

3) Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Marketing automation technology is an essential tool for sales teams because it helps align marketing with sales. Marketing and sales are closely related but often work in silos without communicating the same language or sharing goals. This means that both departments can pull their efforts in different directions, which ultimately hurts revenue since neither team knows what the other is working on.

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An excellent way to address this issue would be implementing a marketing automation platform like Act-On or Sugar Market. The purpose of such platforms is to help automate repetitive tasks. For example, once a lead reaches a certain score based on their interactions with your company, you can automate continued email nurtures, invite them to relevant events, or even qualify them automatically for sales follow-up.

Ultimately, marketing and sales save time and effort while ensuring consistency across all campaigns like lead generation, outreach, etc.

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While we only highlighted the three most significant benefits, marketing automation can bring A LOT more value to sales teams of all shapes and sizes. Download this eBook to learn from our friends at Act-On how marketing automation can empower sales to attract better leads and drive conversions.

Also, reach out to us if you’d like to discuss how marketing automation can better your business with our growth enablement experts.

7 More Reasons Sales Teams Should Love Marketing Automation

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