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March 12, 2024 Growth Enablement

Business Growth Strategies That’ll Keep You Ahead

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By Connor O'Keefe

We don’t call ourselves a growth enablement company for nothing. Helping companies grow and scale is in our DNA. We’re firmly in the belief that the right technology in the right hands can and will elevate organizations to new heights. But sometimes, technology isn’t enough. To grow, the very first thing you need is to adopt a proper and overarching business growth strategy that touches multiple, if not all, levels of your organization.  Growth isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s not solely carried by your sales team. True, meaningful growth that’s sustainable in the long term, is determined by your people, your processes, and your data.

What’s An Easy Business Growth Strategy?

Growth, especially in tech, is all about evolution. If you’re now growing, you’re dying. The first step in adopting the growth mindset is accepting and embracing the change as inevitable and as the next challenge that awaits.

A quick and relatively easy way to embrace change and start on your new path of your business’ growth is to keep and maintain a dynamic, constantly updating website. Focus on customer-facing content that’s relevant and more importantly, helpful, to your ideal customer profiles (ICPs)Not only will this helpful content put you at the top of your potential prospect’s minds, but frequent updates to your site also show both the market (and Google’s search engine algorithms) that your business is active on the forefront of your industry.

Business Growth Strategies and Philosophies for Long-Term Success

Recognizing you need to embrace change may be the first step, but it’s far from the last. While updating your site is a quick way to start your journey toward growth, there are more ways you can optimize your chances for success.

Process, Process, Process

One of the most effective business growth strategies is to be entirely process driven. Have a playbook for everything you do in your business. Onboarding? Playbook. Sales Operations? Playbook. Marketing? Playbook. Assessing Customer Risk? Playbook.

Keeping noted processes through protocols ensures everyone is acting and reacting the same way. It’s a lot easier to grow the business when you can tell for certain what strategies are working. When growth is happening, the playbooks are working as intended. When it is not, the playbooks need to pivot to a new strategy.

Don’t Just Sell a Product: Sell the Right Product

A lot of people think business growth strategies are purely about maximizing revenue numbers. And though we can’t lie by saying revenue doesn’t matter, providing your customers with services that will help them in their own growth journey also matters.

Don’t sell just to sell. Have your sales teams engage with and understand your clients as to provide them with the best possible products/services you can. This ensures that not only do you get a sale, but also a new recurring customer with additional capital to spend, as well as possible referral opportunities from a satisfied client.

Customer-First Mindset

It’s a saying old as time: “The customer’s always right’ And, while clichéd at this point, it still rings true. As far as business growth strategies go, providing the singular best customer experience possible is going to win out every time.

Don’t just sell your customers a product; sell them the right product that will help them grow.  This means understanding their needs, goals, and pain points. By taking the time to get to know your customers and their businesses, you can tailor your offerings to truly meet their needs.

But it’s not just about providing a one-time solution. Continuously checking in with your customers and offering ongoing support ensures that they see you as a partner rather than just a vendor. Not only does this lead to long-term customer relationships but also opens up opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

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Identifying Team Members Strengths

Your people are your number one resource; let them work to their own individual strengths. Some team members are innovators; they have ideas that will move the needle and get your organization going in the right direction. Some people are executors who excel at taking those ideas and finding realistic, sensible ways to implement them and carrying them out.  these talents, while seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum can help generate and execute any number of business growth strategies.

Identifying key players (especially leadership’s) strengths and weaknesses and allowing the team to work together like a well-oiled machine can lead to increased productivity, better decision-making, and ultimately more successful sales efforts. This not only benefits your team but also creates a positive and efficient working environment.

Future-Proofing Your Business

The rapid advance of AI technology has taken the world by storm. From generating realistic portraits to recreating human voices, there seems to be very little AI can’t do, and the growth-minded business owners will be taking notice and trying to get ahead of the curve.  That means anticipating which roles AI is likely to alter, or even usurp.

BDRs or business development representatives, are well known in the B2B world as those who qualify opps before they reach the sales pipeline proper. While this function is invaluable to sales teams everywhere, it may not exist much longer; at least not in its current form. AI is becoming a formidable force in identifying if a prospect fits your ICP and as it becomes more accessible over time, it will either greatly modify if not outright replace the traditional BDR’s role in the organization. And with Ai’s voice capabilities, it’s likely to even be an asset when it comes to customer interactions like phone calls as well.

A modern business growth strategy will account for advancements in workplace technology, both current and impending. Early adopters of this technology may face some growing pains, but those few months of pain will pale in comparison to the head start you’ll have when the competition is struggling to implement the technology themselves (and after it’s increased in pricing.)

Learn More About AI’s Impact on Businesses Just Like Yours! 

Consulting with Experts

If “no man is an island”, the same should be doubly true of businesses made up of many individuals. Business growth strategies developed in-house are incredibly insightful; no one knows your business better than you. But unfortunately, sometimes these plans lack the scope or scale to effect real change/positive growth. If you’re unfamiliar with how to move a business from mid-market to enterprise, you probably will find it an intensely challenging experience out of the gate.

One of the smartest business growth strategies is to consult with experts that have done it all before. Helping business owners like yourself is quite literally their bread and butter. Consultants can and will sit down with you and your team to identify key pain points and areas you can improve upon.  They will also provide valuable insights and recommendations on how to implement new processes or systems that can help your business achieve sustained growth.

Additionally, consultants have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience working with various businesses. This allows them to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table that you may not have considered before. They can also offer benchmarking data and best practices from similar companies in your industry, giving you a better understanding of where you stand compared to your competition.

We have plenty of resources available for those wanting to learn more about your business processes, common implementation issues and timelines, and how blueprints can help them in their process. And if these resources aren’t enough, our best-in-class team of industry experts and software consultants is standing by right now to answer your questions.

People, Process, and Technology

It’s not all about process, though. It’s about your people, and how those people interact with your processes and your technology tools. For a better idea on how to adequately prepare for a change in your organization, checkout our free infographic.

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